Aiken, SC

Following the ice storm in Aiken, our customer was left with numerous pines and hardwoods highly damaged and leaning. As these trees could not be restored, the choice was made to remove them for the safety of the property and homeowners. The trees were located in the rear of the home in a tight location over a well-tended landscape, so the only option was to use a crane. By going up and over the home, the trees could be safely removed leaving no damage to the surrounding area.

Sadly, a month later, this same customer contacted us after having spotted insect activity on a few of her trees. While not a direct threat to people or pets, the Black Turpentine Beetle can cause widespread devastation to pines. Our customer returned from a week-long vacation to find three of her trees infested with the insect. With the threat looming to her other pines on the property, the difficult decision was made to eradicate these trees in an effort to save the others. As an additional means of defense, the remaining pines were treated with an insecticide that effectively wards off the beetle. Shown here are photos from both stages of the tree removal project.

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