For many of us, preventive maintenance is a matter of routine. We bring our dog or cat to the veterinarian for a check-up, take our cars in every 3,000 miles for an oil change and tune-up and visit the doctor annually for our physical. We take care of our pets, our property, and ourselves, yet all too often neglect one of our biggest investments: our landscapes. Trees are living organisms, and they too need routine care. Knowing how and when to provide maintenance is as easy as consulting a professional. 

Trees can benefit from annual check-ups in multiple ways. A tree health assessment by a Certified Arborist can diagnose potential problems and treat them before they become lethal. A proper analysis may find crossed branching or the formation of co-dominant leads in younger trees. These structural problems can be corrected if caught at a young age and dramatically prolong the life of a tree. Arborists may also find cavities, decay, or risk of structural failure. Discovering these before a tree breaks may save a roof or a home; it may even save a life.

As part of a health assessment, preventive pruning is often recommended for mature trees. Proper pruning has many benefits. According to professor Dr. Ed Gilman from the University of Florida Department of Environmental Horticulture, pruning can “reduce the risk of failure, promote human safety, allow for safe passage, increase sun penetration to the ground, maintain health, increase flowering or fruit production, and improve aesthetics.” There are many reasons to prune, and the greatest value will be seen when completed by a professional who understands these multitude of benefits. For more information on preventive pruning, please read more of Dr. Gilman’s work here: 

Selecting the right arborist to meet your needs is as important as choosing the right doctor and can be approached much in the same way. At O.A.K. Services, we believe our certifications, years of experience, and client testimonials speak strongly to our professionalism. Additionally, the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) has a search tool to help you find and verify the credentials of Certified Arborists in your area: 

Many of us already understand the value of long term care and maintenance. Our veterinarian, mechanic, and doctor play an important role in our annual routine, yet the value of our outdoor landscapes may get overlooked. For the health of our trees, consider consulting a Certified Arborist. With any questions, please contact O.A.K. Services today!

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