The company is owned by Charles Rice who is a 22 year veteran of the Green Industry, 11 year accredited International Certified Arborist through the International Society of Arboriculture. 

Offering Hi-Tech and Professional Tree and Crane Services while specializing in 24-hour Emergency & Disaster Response Services. 

With our specialized equipment, we serve the entire Eastern U.S. and are centrally located in CSRA (Central Savannah River Area of Georgia & South Carolina). 

About US


Here at O.A.K. Services, we excel as leaders in the tree care industry through our committment to safety, professionalism, consistent focus on customer satisfaction, our dedication to our employees and their continued education along with utilizing the latest high tech equipment in our field. 

This allows us to provide the most safe, efficient, affordable and environmentally conscious services available in today’s market. 

We are truly a One Of A Kind service company.

We are proud to be fully accredited TCIA company which puts us at the top 2 percentile of all tree companies within our nation since 2016. We have also been members of the Tree care Industry Association since 2005.



Our employees and arborists are responsbile for following our industries strict code of ethics to advocate the highest standards and practices in arboriculture services to this date. Handed down by the Tree Care Industry Association and International Society of Arboriculture. Our employees follow the following code of ethics:

TCIA Code of Ethics

Arborists are responsible to provide professional care of trees for current and future generations. As an O.A.K. Services employee, I pledge to advocate the highest standards and practices of arboriculture.
I pledge to conduct myself in an honest and dignified manner, reflecting our adherence to the laws that govern us locally, nationally, and internationally.
I accept that the arboriculture profession is extremely high profile in public perception. I pledge to look and act professionally at all times in order to reflect a positive image for the tree industry and O.A.K. Services.
I agree that safety, training, and education are of the upmost importance in maintaining a professional workplace. I pledge to improve the work environment by participating in employee development training events that reflect the most current research and practices available to the industry.
I pledge to respect the views, ideas, and contributions of my peers. I pledge to participate in open and honest communication, sharing of ideas and experiences, and foster goodwill within the entire community.

ISA Code of Ethics

Strive for continuous self-development by increasing their qualifications and techincal proficiency by staying abreast of technological and scientific developments affecting the profession.
Not misuse or omit material facts in promoting technical information, products or services if the effect would be to mislead or misrepresent.
Hold paramount the safety and health of all people and endeavor to protect property and the environment in the performance of professional responsbilities.
Subscribe to fair and honest business practices in dealing with clients, suppliers, employees and other professionals.
Support the improvement of professional services and products through encouraging research and development.
Observe the standards and promote adherence to the ethics embodied in this Code. 


Services family has grown! Introducing our new mascot, Woody. While he is only 10 weeks old, he has already become an integrative member of our team. Woody is a Blue French Bulldog who enjoys spreading joy, giving puppy kisses, and maintaining overall goodwill both on and off the job.