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O.A.K. Services is One Of A Kind

A tree had split on the property line causing a large white oak to land on an outbuilding in the back corner of my lot. Oak Services were on the spot with getting back to me for a quote. Their team in office and in the field were both extremely professional and above all courteous.

I can't speak highly enough to the attention Oak Services provided through my claims process as well as getting out here for removal. I had no idea where to start and how we would get there but as soon as Charlie came out for assessment I was briefed on everything and given a game plan. The continual support from this company has been a life saver.

Charlie and his crew did a fantastic job getting the tree removed with zero additional damage to the building. These gentlemen worked quickly and with finesse to not damage the yard or any nearby structures. The time and attention paid to prep just to start cutting was above and beyond. The crew went out of their way to secure each piece removed to be as safe and effective as possible. It was a fascinating experience to watch these folks work.

Oak Services specialize in disaster clean-up and their expertise shows in the work they do. From start to finish I never had any doubt in my mind Oak Services was the right choice to help me when I needed it the most!

Danielle C.

O.A.K. Services is a family-owned and operated tree care company specializing in safe and professional tree care services in the CSRA area. O.A.K.. Services is owned by an ISA Certified Arborist and is proud to announce that we are a TCIA Accredited company as of 2016. Here at O.A.K., we also specialize in 24/7 emergency response and hazardous tree removal; which means we will be there for all types of disasters. We also provide an array of tree preservation including trimming, pruning, lightning protection, root collar excavation, and more! We are committed to customer satisfaction, the safety of our employees and providing efficient, effective, affordable and environmentally conscious services.


Janeen (Metairie, LA)


Wonderful. The workers were extremely knowledgeable and courteous. The job was completed in a timely manner and the cleanup was wonderful.

Rachel d'Entremont (Aiken, SC)


Extremely satisfied. The certified arborists who own the company are very knowledgeable about tree care and made recommendations for long-term health of my trees.

Mary O. (Aiken, SC)


Amazing. They were very professional. It was amazing to watch as they lifted large tree branches over my house with a crane.

Ethel W.


Awed. Thanks for all your hard work and for allowing my husband and I to be AWED by your expertise! We highly recommend O.A.K. for any tree removal.

Deborah N.


Knowledgeable. They are truly an exceptional team and we are very fortunate to have O.A.K. Services in our business community.

John S.


Responsiveness, Punctuality, Value, Quality
We could not have been happier from the results of having our numerous trees pruned and shaped by O.A.K. Services.
Isaiah (the lead, master pruner, and above all, arborist) has a gift of seeing the possibilities in an overgrown tree and making the appropriate cuts to balance the tree making it look like no one had even touched it.
The entire crew was very professional and the resulting cleanup well done.
I cannot recommend this company more.

Charles H.


The staff at Oak Services is first rate. After removing 5 trees, you would never know they had been there. Charlie and his team are the best in town!

Carl B.


Quality, Punctuality, Responsiveness
Needed Trees removed and Pruned. These guys delivered on Both.They also removed a tree that had fallen in yard from a while back.When they were finished with the job, if you did not see them you would not have known they had been there other than the Pruning and Removal of Trees.Excellent Service.5***** .Thanks O.A.K..

Cheryl R.


They were here on time, worked hard and cleaned up very nicely! Would recommend them to anyone! Quite the tree climbers!
Thank you OAK!

Jackee S.


Very helpful and friendly. They took the time to call me back even though my question wasn't exactly related to their business. They gave me a referral to help me. That's above and beyond in my opinion!

Tom H.


Top notch crew working with state of the art equipment! Experience is evident in the well orchestrated tree removal, stump grinding and debris clean-up! Going forward, it will be O.A.K. SERVICES for all my tree needs!

Will C.


Great job. Very professional, quick work taking out two large trees near my house. Surpassed my expectations for the whole job, including the cleanup which was done completely and quickly.

Judy O.


Charlie and I discussed removing a couple of trees and I needed them done very soon. Even though he has a very busy schedule he called and said he could work me the next day. He and his guys came and did an amazing job. They were very efficient and got it done in a timely manner. I highly recommend them for any of your tree-related needs.