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O.A.K. Services is a family-owned and operated tree care company specializing in safe and professional tree care services in the CSRA area. O.A.K.. Services is owned by an ISA Certified Arborist and is proud to announce that we are a TCIA Accredited company as of 2016. Here at O.A.K., we also specialize in 24/7 emergency response and hazardous tree removal; which means we will be there for all types of disasters. We also provide an array of tree preservation including trimmingpruninglightning protectionroot collar excavation, and more! We are committed to customer satisfaction, the safety of our employees and providing efficient, effective, affordable and environmentally conscious services.


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Greg Stebbins
Greg Stebbins
About a 3rd of a tree landed on our house. Cris and his crew made it to NE Indiana as part of a disaster relief team. Truly professional. Not a mark in the yard, and not a leaf left. I would give them 10 stars if I could. All done in a SAFE and timely manner.
blaine perkins
blaine perkins
These guys are great, very professional and responsive! Highly recommend this company!
Chris Clark
Chris Clark
Ethics, Quality, Confidence is not just a stamp on their website. OAK Services lives these values and the customer is the beneficiary. We had an impossible to get to 75' old oak tree as the centerpiece of our landscaped backyard. Charlie and team surveyed the situation and devised a solution that required coordinating with another arborist and the city. They made it all happen within a couple of days with no involvement on my part. The end result was an unbelievable tree extraction with almost no disruption to the landscaping anywhere in the yard. OAK Services clearly delivers what they promise with top quality and professionalism.
daro l
daro l
They removed 2 very tall trees and the stumps. Cleaned up and hauled away the debris. Highly recommended.
Guy Emberton
Guy Emberton
Great company
Cali News Dude
Cali News Dude
I worked for this company in the past. When I diceded to quit the owner never paid me in full. The owner doesn't honors his word! Can't be trusted! I don't recommend!
Roosevelt Robinson
Roosevelt Robinson
I am a repeat customer. The particular job included cutting and removal of 8 pines, pruning several trees and grinding 15 stumps - a day long task. To say that I am abundantly satisfied is an understatement. The work performed by O.A.K Services couldn't be better. The resources this company brings to bear on the task is impressive. The company's accreditations and certifications gave me the peace of mind and confidence to entrust our property with them. After comparison with other estimates I received, I can say that O.A.K. Services is clearly a "Best Value" proposition - you will not be disappointed. Respectfully, Roosevelt R., Trenton, SC
Michael Boylan
Michael Boylan
Great bunch guys ! Professional courteous and thorough! Highly recommend!
Judy Owens
Judy Owens
Charlie and I discussed removing a couple of trees and I needed them done very soon. Even though he has a very busy schedule he called and said he could work me in the next day. He and his guys came and did an amazing job. They were very efficient and got it done in a timely manner. I highly recommend them for any of your tree related needs.
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When you hire O.A.K. Services you re guaranteed to get a One Of A Kind Service from a fully Accredited & Certified company. We put our customers first with a strong commitment to our employees to make sure our clients receive a truly One Of A Kind experience.

Homeowners and Commercial Contractors in Aiken & North Augusta, SC and the Eastern US choose us because

Customer Service & Safety with proficiency and attention to detail are our top priorities

Our team is professional and fully accredited through the TCIA and owned by an ISA Certified Arborist

Properly Licensed & Insured 

We utilize the most modern and technologically advanced equipment in our industry for your services